Friday 24 April 2020

A message from Kenneth Cupitt, Council Chairman at the Guild of Cleaners & Launderers:

Guild and PPE Used in the Fight Against Covid-19

"We hear much in the news about the shortage of PPE within the NHS and Care Services but it is seldom specific about what exactly they are short off. We are a service industry set up to recycle textile items which in the long term saves the world millions in financial terms and helps to save the world environmentally.

However, not all of us have a set up that can easily process items that have been contaminated with the Corona Virus but there are a few who are currently on lock down, or staff Furloughed, that could help the nation by re-cycling some of the PPE that we are told is in short supply.

Here are two items, the "Specification for Personal Protective Clothing" is a document that is freely available and I downloaded this from the NHS Supply and Procurement internet site, the second, "Supplementing the PPE for Our NHS" is just some of my personal thoughts on how we could help. I did send this to my local MP, in time for the opening of Parliament and yesterday's Prime Minister's Question time, but so far I have heard nothing back.

We are here and we would all like to help, if we knew how, but we first must communicate and an offer has been made, via my document, and yes It may need review and modification but they please must get get back to us or we are left out.

Best wishes and stay safe"

Ken Cupitt

Council Chairman

Guild of Cleaners and Launderers


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