Monday 05 May 2014

Shape GB Report

Select Research together with Alvanon have published a report called Shape GB, the end result of the national survey which measured boys and girls aged 4-17 across the country using 3D body imaging scanners.


The data gathered has provided a more sophisticated means of analysing children’s measurements and has identified the differences in height and body shape between children of different ages and the first data available since the BSI report from 1990.


This report is now available for purchase through the Shape GB website and would be an invaluable tool for retailers/clothes manufacturers to refer to and is of course supported by six major retailers, all of whom are members of the ASBCI.


The Shape GB 4-16 year olds Report is available at £1,450 plus VAT and will include a 15% discount towards purchase of the Shape GB Babies & Toddlers Report when this is released in Spring 2014.


If you would like to purchase a copy please follow the link to the Shape GB site.

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