Monday 01 June 2020


You're Invited to an in-depth Live Masterclass Series

Emerging from the Crisis: Process & Development for SMEs

Comes recovery times, opportunities will open up for businesses who are agile and creative. Will your internal operations model be able to deliver? Join the MOTIF Live online Masterclass Series led by senior industry expert Maxi Bohn to learn how to develop product and build ranges with efficiency and effectiveness in mind.

If you're an apparel product developer, designer, technical designer, patternmaker, buying or sourcing collaborator in a Small or Medium Enterprise, don't miss this highly practical and exclusive series.


Product Development Elevated - Standards & Digitalisation 

Wednesday 10 Jun, 11 AM - 1 PM EST / 4 PM - 6 PM CET

Attend this Live Masterclass to discover a hands-on approach to the digital transformation of your apparel product development. Learn how creating a range of standards for garment techs, pattermakers and product developers establishes the foundation for successful digital and conventional product development. 

Fundamentals of Smart Department & Collection Set-ups 

Wednesday 17 Jun, 11 AM - 1 PM EST / 4 PM - 6 PM CET

Attend this Live Masterclass to understand the importance of a well-defined business focus and to learn how to better structure your internal operations, from your apparel range planning process, the concept of your delivery drop(s), to your fabric buying.


Led by Maxi Bohn
Maxi has a decade of experience in fit engineering and product development at a strategic level within international players like Zalando. Maxi has been leading several product development teams for apparel products and managed the digital transformation in a successful online fashion brand. 

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