Tuesday 06 December 2022

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services launches
Virtual Footwear Fitting Solution


Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (BVCPS) is pleased to introduce their new Virtual Footwear Fitting Solution. Sizing remains one of the biggest issues for brands and retailers resulting in high cost of returns, bad customer experience, and higher carbon footprint due to the solid waste generated from returned products and packaging.

BVCPS’ Virtual Footwear Fitting Solution​​​​
Verifying the correct interior dimension of footwear for consumers in different markets fundamentally addresses the footwear fitting issue.  BVCP's virtual footwear fitting solution enhances the traditional wearing fit tests with an objective assessment based on a comprehensive human foot size database.

BVCP's solution generates the 3D scanned model with the interior dimension of the shoes, compares the model with the human foot database with different market sizes, simulates the try-on scenario, and uses the 3D heatmap analysis to evaluate the footwear fitting properties.

Testing Evaluation Includes:

Interior dimension of the shoe with 3D scanned model
Perform the 3D scan of the shoe and provide the shoe’s interior dimensions in length and circumference, which can be used as a reference for consumers to check with their feet individually.




Virtual fitting evaluation between the Shoe’s interior and the large human foot database
The scanned 3D image of the shoe interior and the human foot 3D image obtained from the database are compared and analyzed via the designed software, the result is to be evaluated and demonstrated in 360° angles, and the numerical grading from 1-5 indicates the fitting performance.

Benefits for R&D Team
• Diagnose sizing issues at the design and make stage
• Objective Assessment based on the quantitative evaluation
• 360° fitting demonstration via thermograph • Validate the design fit without the need and time for hiring human models

Benefits for Sourcing & Quality Assurance Team
•  Enhance the confidence level that the suppliers can deliver the need of the market
•  Reduce product returns due to size-related issues 
•  Enhance supply chain relationship

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