Monday 04 June 2018

ASBCI Members and Leading Testing, Inspection and Certification Service Provider, Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (“Bureau Veritas CPS”) announces its 10th anniversary of celebrating the World Environment Day throughout its worldwide locations.

“Beat Plastic Pollution” is the theme of World Environment Day (“WED”) this year. Plastic itself cannot biodegrade, and plastic made water bottles, bags, straws, etc. are often used once and thrown away, polluting our land and oceans, damaging marine life and threatening human health.

To echo the WED theme, Bureau Veritas CPS is launching a company-wide campaign throughout our worldwide locations to invite our employees to explore sustainable alternatives to reduce the production and excessive use of single-use plastics in our daily lives.

“3Rs in the Workplace” – Bureau Veritas CPS Head Office and its worldwide locations have been practicing “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” approach to continually decrease environmental impacts from our business activities. Designated recycle bins are provided in the facility for plastic (boxes, bottles and bags), papers and metals (aluminum cans) waste. Our waste generation is measured and analyzed against our carbon footprint objective while the waste collected will be sending to local recycling company for further processing. Furthermore, with an aim of reduction, purchase of single-use plastics in our laboratories is given a consideration.

“Do it for a Cleaner Planet” – During May and June, Bureau Veritas employees in Asia, USA and Europe have organized or will be conducting various employee cleanup activities to remove littered plastic bottles and other waste disposal by the visitors. Cleanup locations include national parks, forests, beaches, coastlines as well as public areas and driveways in their communities and workplace.

“Save Your Bottle Caps” – The UK location has organized a 6-week campaign to collect and recycle used plastic bottles caps within the laboratory from 1 May to 8 June. In partnership with Hahn Plastics which makes products from recycled plastics in Manchester, the collected bottle caps will be reproducing into an outdoor bench to be used by the employees of the laboratory. Similarly, the India location organized an employee contest of “Create-Your-Own-Craft” by using plastic waste generated from the labs, offices and their homes. The lab is also planning to build a “Vertical Hanging Garden” within the facility area by use of plastic food containers and soft drink bottles collected from the employees.

“Less Plastic Footprint Everyday” – Bureau Veritas’ employees from the regions are collectively taking part in beating plastic pollution to help reduce the amount of plastics and eliminate plastic footprint. Daily practices include refusal of plastics convenience – single-use straws, utensils and disposable boxes from takeaways; elimination of plastic drinking bottles and PVC / Polythene shopping bags in purchase; practice of 3Rs at work and home, etc. Concurrently, bring your own cup and utensils to work, strawless for drinks, use eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags, elimination of plastic packaging, etc. are widely adopted in our daily life.

“Preserve The Nature” – In partnership with Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens, Bureau Veritas CPS Hong Kong employees planted a variety of native tree seedlings on the hill slopes of Tai Mo Shan in mid-May to help preserve the diminishing forest. As well as the US location will organize a visit to the Tifft Nature Preserve in early June to clean waterway from waste, plant trees and shrubs as well as to remove invasive species. Continuing its 10th year, the activity aims to help preserve vernal pools which are an essential breeding habitat for certain wildlife and the ecological balance of the Nature Reserve.

“Beautiful Sharing within Communities” – The Korea location organized a collection of consumables from the employees and families during 8 - 18 May to recycle unused consumables. A variety of unused or unwanted items in good condition including plastic goods, clothes, electronics, books, toys, kitchenware, household items, etc. were collected. They were then sent to The Beautiful Store, a Korean NGO which promotes resources reuse and recycle within the communities. Furthermore, many other Bureau Veritas’ locations have also conducted various collections of plastics, new/used household and electronic items for local recycling projects and donations.

Oliver Butler, President of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services, commented: “I am very pleased to see the diversity of the World Environment Day’s activities initiated by our locations worldwide. The 10th anniversary of our WED celebrations demonstrates Bureau Veritas’ continuous and collective support to a cleaner planet. Plastic pollution is one of the prime environmental challenges for our time. Our wide range of sustainability services including testing for restricted and harmful substances, packaging advisory, environmental audit and footprint progress certification can help reduce plastic pollution in our everyday life.”

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