Friday 07 August 2020





We are delighted to share with you the following message and Graduate Showcase from Premier Academic Member, The University of Manchester.  Please click the ‘Graduate Book’ and ‘website’ link below to view the amazing work and talent of the future.


We are excited to announce the launch of our first digital showcase!

The final year degree show within the Department of Fashion, Business and Technology is always an intrinsic part of the students final year experience at the university, and this, coupled with the closure of the university buildings, and essential changes to students in their final year of studies, meant postponing the degree show was not a viable option. Therefore, whilst we did not hold a degree show this year, we were determined that all of the students’ hard work would still be showcased. 

Over the last few weeks, we have been working hard developing a digital portfolio which includes a website and graduate yearbook. And it is with great pride that we can still provide a celebratory platform which showcases and promotes our graduates incredible work and, which also provides a directory for key industry personnel.

Please find the links to the Graduate Book (on Issuu.com) and the website

Graduate book info: The pages within the graduate book are hyperlinked, in order to help you navigate the pages. Within the students’ profile sections, you can click on a profile and you will be taken to the student page within the book. Here you will see a snapshot of the student work, in addition to student biography and contact details. On each page, you will find a pink dot. These pink dots will direct you to the students’ page on the website, where you can view a wider body of the selected students work.

Website info: The graduate showcase section within the website is password protected (the password is: VIMTO)

We hope you enjoy the CLASS OF 2020 GRADUATE SHOWCASE and please contact our graduates directly if you like what you see!

We thank you greatly for your continued support of our fashion, business and technology students and we hope to welcome you to our degree show for the class of 2021 next year!


If you would like further information about the graduate showcase, please contact Charlene Gallery; [email protected].


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