Friday 13 December 2019

James Heal ProDry dry rate testing instrument launches to help active wear manufacturers  

James Heal, ASBCI members and leading manufacturer of textile testing instruments to the world’s textile community, have launched ProDry, a dry rate testing instrument able to accurately replicate the conditions of use in order to verify that quick-drying fabrics are performing effectively.

The instrument offers a more accurate and user-friendly way of testing the drying rate of performance fabrics and is used by manufacturers in the development of quick-drying fabrics and garments such as base layer garments, football kits, running gear, gym gear, socks and footwear fabrics.

Quickness of drying is an important consideration of textiles worn next to the skin, especially during intensive sporting activities where perspiration is likely. If the garment remains damp, perspiration cannot easily evaporate which often leaves the wearer feeling uncomfortable.

After being showcased successfully at ITMA Barcelona earlier this year, ProDry is now available in all territories. ProDry forms part of James Heal’s Performance Testing Range, which also includes AquAbrasion Wet Abrasion Tester, TruRain Bundesmann Tester and WickView Dry Rate Tester. 

James Heal’s team of both engineers and technical specialists have invested considerable time and expertise to develop ProDry into an accurate, consistent and user-friendly dry rate tester that leading manufacturers can rely on.

Comprehensive features of the instrument include: ability to record the temperature for every second of the test so that these points can be added into the graph on test completion; a real-time presentation of results on the test screen as the test takes place; two modes for water dosage to suit the user – automatic and manual; setting gauges for quicker set up, multiple fans, an air filter and positioning of air flow sensors provide consistent air flow, measured and controlled by an integrated airflow sensor.

ProDry tests to the AATCC Test Method 201 Drying Rate of Fabrics: Heated Plate Method, and can be configured to accommodate bespoke test methods via an adjustable temperature sensor ensuring compliance is met regardless of how thick the fabric tested is.

Neil Pryke, Innovation Director commented: “ProDry is the latest in our testing range to hit the market and is a truly innovative addition to the range. Our technical team has invested a great deal of time and expertise in its development, delivering maximum accuracy. It’s certainly a clear demonstration of how we constantly look for ways to innovate and improve our testing instruments and methods for our customers.

“Quick-drying is an important attribute of textiles worn next to the skin during sporting activities, where the skin is likely to perspire. ProDry is helping manufacturers and brands assess important dry rates of their fabrics and materials by replicating the real conditions they endure to verify that quick-drying fabrics are doing the job expected of them. This performance effectiveness is what the manufacturers are ultimately aiming to achieve with the materials they use. ProDry provides unparalleled insight into evaporation, and how garments such as active-wear will dry if damp through rain or sweat.

“ProDry presents yet another example of how striving for constant innovation and design excellence can ensure that manufacturers are getting the best possible and most accurate product insight available to maintain the edge in a highly competitive sector.” 

For more information about Pro Dry visit https://www.james-heal.co.uk/instrument/prodry/


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