Thursday 08 November 2012

The ASBCI 2012 Student Conference 'Fashion Evolution' was held in Manchester this year. Manchester Metropolitan University hosted the event at their All Saints campus on 7th November, with over 200 students attending from all over the UK.

An excellent range of speakers shared their knowledge and experiences with the next generation of those aiming for careers in the fashion and textile industry, chaired by ASBCI Student sector chairman Chris Thierry.

Caryn Franklin challenged conventional thinking on catwalk model sizing, while Linda Watson shared her thoughts on fashion direction. Daniel Hanson related his journey from his student days and earliest portfolio (found in his attic!) to his current luxury dressing-gown business. Paschal Little and Soozie Jenkinson's double act recounted M&S's history of lingerie developments, to the design and technology in today's products. LCF's Alan Cannon-Jones encouraged Martin Shoben to share his incomparable knowledge of pattern cutting, with the conversation being listened to by an entranced audience.



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