Tuesday 30 November 2021

James Heal launches the AirPro for air permeability testing


An innovative solution to air permeability testing has been developed by James Heal.

The new AirPro instrument measures the resistance of the flow of air through products without the use of compressed air. It is the latest addition to the company’s range of performance testing equipment designed specifically for technical and performance fabrics.

Air permeability testing is important as an indicator of thermal loss and wearer comfort and safety across a range of garments and products, particularly windproof garments and medical textiles and products such as infant bedding for which breathability is a key measure of performance.

As the AirPro does not require the use of compressed air, it is not necessary to disconnect the air supply or change air pressure during the testing procedure, which can take up valuable testing time.

A key feature of the AirPro is the easy-to-use TestWise software, a proprietary system developed by James Heal, that is designed to make testing as simple as possible.

Using the TestWise software, operators can select from a suite of pre-loaded standards, and the software recommends which test heads to use. The software also automatically warns the operator of errors, such as the wrong test heads, and offers the ability to create your own standards, making the AirPro useful as a research and development tool in addition to day-to-day quality assurance testing.

‘Air permeability is an important part of the R&D process,’ said James Heal’s head of technical, Peter Goodwin. ‘Outside traditional apparel textiles, a variety of different sectors and applications are looking to innovate with new, novel materials and test marketing claims. This is particularly applicable to geo-textiles and performance sports equipment such as boat sails and tents.’


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