Wednesday 05 July 2017

PLEASE NOTE: The update shown below has been provided by DEFRA Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum Guidance on REACH Registration 2018

The UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum (UKCSF) has updated its SMEs and downstream user-friendly guidance on the 2018 REACH Registration deadline.   The guidance package is available on the UKCSF webpage, or by email on request.

The 31 May 2018 deadline applies across the EU and in the UK to substances which are manufactured or imported into Europe annually in volumes between 1 and 100 tonnes. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is expecting a greater number of registration dossiers, and a significantly higher number of small and medium-sized companies to be affected, compared with the previous deadlines for higher tonnage substances. 

The purpose of this updated guidance is to raise awareness of the deadline and to help companies to consider what they have to do, in particular to prepare and submit dossiers to ECHA.  It is also aimed at downstream users who need to assess the potential for disruption of their supply chains if substances which they depend on are not registered.  The guidance comprises three elements:

i.            A 13-page generic note covering what SMEs need to know about the REACH Registration deadline including flow charts to illustrate and explain the relevant processes

ii.            A 14-page self-assessment guide for SMEs which are downstream users of low volume chemical    substances (as formulators or end users) or distributors

iii.            A 3-page self-assessment questionnaire for SMEs who manufacture or import articles, to help companies understand their registration, and other, obligations.

Note:  Should ASBCI Members require any specialist involvement or assistance, please contact Tony Smith at SGS on 0203 008 7860.



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