Tuesday 24 November 2020

A Message from Alvanon's Janice Wang on Digital Transformation

Digital product creation is a business strategy but for too long it has been viewed as only an investment in software. It’s not just about investing in 3D technology- it’s about a cultural shift in how organizations think and work. Everyone in the organization must evaluate and rethink how they get things done. C-suite executives must-own and support the transformation or it will evolve too slowly and in a series of disjointed, disconnected processes.

At Alvanon we have experienced first-hand the shift from traditional to digital product creation of over 200 brands around the world. We have seen how companies have successfully navigated complex digital challenges and identified the knowledge gaps. Alvanon is only one part of the digital ecosystem and we recognized a need to bring the industry together to navigate the disruption. This is what the 3D TECH Festival did - highlight the imperative to digitalize the process, not just elements of it.

We compiled this report to help you and your team formulate a playbook for your digital product strategy. This is the tip of the iceberg, but the transition into a digital way of working has to begin somewhere.

Call us, if we cannot help, we will know someone who can.

Janice Wang
CEO, Alvanon
alvanon - janice


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