Tuesday 04 August 2020



Take this new online course to

Understand the relationship
between value, quality and cost.

Appreciate the elements
impacting product cost and how to build a product specification.

Recognise basic construction
methods, materials and components.


What you will learn

Designing product to a price point through understanding of cost levers; the good, the better, the best of product engineering; developing a platform to deliver consistent quality.

Who will benefit 

In-house product developers, designers and technical designers who have a basic understanding of construction and product manufacturing.


Taught & Led by Jackie Lewis

With a career spanning almost 30 years in technical design and product development with organisations such as M&S, Littlewoods, Shop Direct, C&A and Missguided, Jackie Lewis joined MOTIF in 2018 as Course Development Director. She is also an expert consultant focusing on 3D, process efficiencies and sustainability.


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