Friday 09 July 2021

ASBCI In Association Magazine - Call for content: tell us what recovery looks like to you.

All kinds of factors are contributing to a major shift in our industry, many of which were covered by our excellent speakers at May’s conference. This was our first digital conference, reflecting just one of those factors. Remote working has undoubtedly impacted the way businesses operate, potentially for the better, but travel restrictions are the other side of the coin, and for an industry so reliant on international travel, these have been challenging. Plus, we are all aware of the challenges posed by Brexit.

So, our question to you and one we would like to focus on in the next issue of In Association, is what does recovery really look like? What are the changes this pandemic has brought to your business, and how will these translate into long-term strategies? Tell us about the nitty gritty of adjusting to a new normal – how are you managing remote working, what impact has this had on your premises, how have you coped with travel restrictions? How has it changed the way you manage your customer and supplier relationships?

And tell us about the bigger picture. Has the increased interest in sustainability and the need to manage supply chains to deal with major disruption changed your approach to sourcing? What are the positive impacts of Covid, and what can’t you wait to see the back of?

Please send your articles to [email protected] by 21 July. If you would like to place an advert, the deadline for advertising artwork is 2 August. To book your advert, contact the ASBCI office on [email protected] or 01422 354666 or download our media pack for more information.

Kirsty Holdsworth, ASBCI General Manager

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