Tuesday 25 May 2021

Beyond 2020: Survival of the Smartest, the ASBCI's first online conference, took place on 12 May, featuring invaluable insight from ten experts about how and why to smartify all aspects of the fashion supply chain.

From the latest trends in consumer behaviour, and a glimpse at what the future of retail might look like, to an analysis of customisation and made-on-demand production models, intelligent supply chains, and the impact of Brexit on the future direction of UK fashion, the conference delivered an exceptional array of presentations from leading experts in retail, digital psychology, supply chain innovation, and logistics.

Conference delegates can access the recording for free at any time to review the content. For anyone who could not make the event itself, access to the recording is available for just £25+VAT for ASBCI members (£75+VAT for non-members).

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