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Take this new online course to learn how to protect your workers while ensuring business continuity.


This highly practical online training covers all the key aspects of health and safety measures to resume operations safely in the factory and workplace. It is based on the Eurofins I AQM Standard for “COVID-19 PREVENTION IN THE WORKPLACE”. This standard has been developed based on recommendations / guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation, OSHA, and other relevant organisations promoting health, hygiene and safety best practices in the workplace to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 disease.


How you will learn

12 modules of detailed instruction including a self assessment tool and a downloadable toolkit with fact sheets and checklists available in English,Tamil, Bengali, Turkish and Spanish.

Who will benefit 

 A broad audience including factories' general managers, health & safety managers, compliance managers, team / line supervisors, production managers as well as brands / retailers employees.


Taught & Led by Francesca Giometti

Francesca has become a specialist in environmental & social issues after several years of experience in the CSR departments of famous international retailing and industrial companies. As Senior Environmental Advisor & Training Manager at Eurofins | AQM, she has been working for 4 years in Bangladesh where she developed AQM’s environmental assessment approach & environmental and social training services. Francesca has several years of experience conducting trainings for brand and factory compliance teams.


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