Monday 04 June 2018

David Reay has been involved in several Clothing and Textile digital projects in the North for some time. He is now involved directly with a nationwide project with the Digital Catapult which he believes has great opportunity within our sector.
Please take a look at the release statement below and ,if you are interested, feel free to contact David to discuss further.
There will be a limited number of opportunities available and discussions will be taking place over the next month or so.
David can be contacted directly by email or via the website.
The Digital Catapult Centre North East and Tees Valley have developed several open innovation approaches to help different sectors including manufacturers explore emerging technology. This is done in a way that has tangible impact on their businesses by helping them identify, scope and find solutions around their business challenges. The approach depends on what is the most suitable for the challenge owner, it can include horizon scanning for new digital capabilities within the SME and academic landscape or it can be more in-depth support on a project basis exploring the challenge in detail, getting internal buy in to find a solution and securing budget. This approach has been successful with large corporate organisations including Nissan and AkzoNobel; the main purpose being to help them identify new products and services or new ways of becoming efficient whilst creating tangible commercial opportunities for the start-up and scale-up community to work with new sectors and new clients.
The team recently identified an area of market failure within the small and medium manufacturing sector. With the current focus on Industry4 and Digital Manufacturing a lot of family owned small manufacturers were not engaging because they felt they weren’t relevant to them or they cost too much time and money. Therefore, Digital Catapult Centre NETV has developed a Digital Manufacturing Programme that introduces manufacturers to a range of new technologies, including; The  Internet  of  Things,  Low  Power  Wide  Area  Network  (LPWAN),  Virtual and  Augmented  Reality  and  Artificial  Intelligence  (AI).  Led by industry specialists, they will explore how new  technology  developments  will  impact  the manufacturing  industry  and  how  to  exploit  them  to  improve  their productivity  and  competitiveness.


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