Friday 02 September 2016



Introduction to Clothing - Short Courses

Manchester, UK

Six separate courses will provide a basic introduction to the subject and are intended 

for anyone just starting a career in the clothing industry whether this be at operative level; 

a new graduate from another discipline, or management level coming from another 

industry sector.  Each course is one full day and delegates may choose to attend 

individual courses or build up a body knowledge by attending some or all of the courses. 

Under the umbrella title of 'Introduction to Clothing' these courses are intended as a 

complementary offering to the existing 'Introduction to Textiles' course.

The curriculum has been developed with the financial support of CAPITB Trust, 

an independent charity providing support and funding for "people employed or about to 

be employed in the British clothing industry".


The courses are Approved by The Textile Institute a system of validation assessed 

by independent and impartial experts. Each individual course accrues academic credit 

which along with a specified period of working practice may be used towards 

obtaining Textile Institute Chartered Professional Qualifications.

Fabric Knowledge - 13 October 2016

The taught element of this module will include a significant amount of 'hands-on' 

practical work allowing delegates to leave with a reasonable understanding of 

fabric construction and characteristics. 

Introduction to the Global Clothing Industry - 20 October 2016

This course introduces delegates to the supply chain which provides mass 

produced garments to the UK and other markets. It looks at the key clothing 

manufacturing regions of the world, basics of logistics, the role of agents and 

potential communication issues.

Understanding Garments - 26 October 2016

Through a process of physical deconstruction of a garment delegates will take a 

journey around a simple item of clothing, stopping at each stage to discover the 

complex processes that have gone into producing it.

Size and Fit - 10 November 2016

Through a process of analysing anthropometric body measurement procedures, sizing 

data and garment fit, delegates will be able to evaluate and understand approaches 

to garment sizing and related fit. 

Garment Specifications - 15 November 2016

Delegates will gain an understanding of the different specifications used within the 

garment industry.  They will carry out a variety of in-class activities relating to 

garment specifications and will be able to relate them to specific job roles that exist 

within the fashion industry.

The Product Development Process - 24 November 2016

Delegates will carry out a variety of in-class activities which will enable them to 

appreciate the different stages involved in the process of developing a fashion product.  

They will also be able to recognise a variety of the job roles that exist within the 

fashion industry.

Cost (VAT Included) per course

Members: £320.00

Non Members: £400.00

Student: £198.00

Teacher: £192.00


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For further information please contact:

Dawn Evans, Events & Membership Manager

E: [email protected]

T: +44 (0)161 237 1188


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