Friday 17 July 2020

We are delighted to announce details of the following on-demand webinar; “Today’s challenges in pattern development”, from ASBCI Premier Member Lectra.  This can be downloaded at any time, to register please click the link below.

As we all know, the daily work of a pattern maker changed drastically over the years. The number of collections increased, leading to much shorter development cycles.  So less time to do the same work.

At the same time the demands within the supply chain and from the end customers increased.  A higher quality and perfect fit have become even more important; This is also linked to the rise of E-commerce.  

Margins are more & more under pressure, so fabric consumption needs to be not only optimized, but the consumption needs to be available also as early as possible in the process.

From the production side, the number of sub-contractors increase, and can change from season to season.

In this part of the process pressure is sometimes even higher and delays cost a lot of money, improved collaboration is very important and issues in a pattern need to be avoided, as they can lead to a delay in production, late delivery or lower margins.

For more information and to register please use this link: -


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