Monday 09 September 2019

ASBCI member GreenEarth is to welcome its affiliates to its workshop in Kansas City, Missouri, on 20th September, covering off topics such as 'Sustainable Fashion' and 'Technical Insight'.

The workshops take place every other year and are open to each of the 6,000 GreenEarth dry cleaners in over 40 countries.  Whilst this is an opportunity for the GreenEarth family to get to know each other better, it is also a great way to bring the delegates up to date on all things related to sustainable garment aftercare.

More and more fashion brands and manufacturers are recommending GreenEarth Cleaning as the preferred and most sustainable form of dry cleaning, so it will be a great opportunity to make delegates aware of the different garments and home ware items that could be crossing their counters.

The topics agenda is tentatively planned as follows:
  • GreenEarth Network Update & Review
  • Sustainable Fashion Manufacturers & Brands
  • Affiliate Technical Resources
  • Affiliate Marketing Resources
  • P.O.S. System Discussion
  • Spotting Board Demonstration
  • Finding & Keeping The Right People
  • In-Store Design Concepts

To find out more visit their event page

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