Monday 20 November 2017

ASBCI Premier Members, Alvanon publish a Letter from their President, Ed Gribbin which provides details about the industry survey they are conducting along with their supporting partners.





Letter from Alvanon's President

Dear Friends and Industry Colleagues,

We have never been in the vortex of disruption like we are today.

Where customers own every transaction and relationship; innovative start-ups are listening, connecting, and taking share; and technology companies are using data, A.I. and machine learning to radically alter our landscape; and yet, many brands and retailers continue to be enslaved by historical patterns of seasonal calendars, indecisiveness and lengthy supply chains.

Please help us bring some clarity and strategy to the skills, knowledge and talent challenges facing our industry by participating in this ground-breaking industry-wide survey.

Alvanon, together with 12 international supporting partners, is currently conducting the global apparel industry’s most comprehensive skills’ gap and talent development survey and we need your unique insight and input.

Let us know what gaps or needs you see in your company, your suppliers and the industry in general. In exchange for your participation we will share the results with you in an exclusive Alvanon White Paper on the State of the Industry. 

Your contribution is crucial! To take the short ten-minute survey please follow the link>> www.alvanon.com/global-survey-2018

By working together, we CAN make a difference. But, we need to start now! Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.


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