Friday 08 January 2021



Taught & Led by Michael P. Londrigan

Michael P. Londrigan is a fashion industry veteran with nearly 30 years’ experience in the menswear market. Michael started his industry career with J.C. Penney in their menswear department and then moved to the wholesale side specializing in product development, sales, marketing and merchandising. Currently, Michael is an Associate Professor and Advisor to the Provost with LIM College where he has held positions as Chair of the Fashion Merchandising Department, Dean, and Vice President for Academic Affairs.


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This course is the second in a new series of online business of fashion short courses published by LIM College on MOTIF. It is soon to be followed by another course on Excel Analytics and then more. MOTIF All-Access Pass holders can take this new course as well as any of the online courses published on MOTIF during their yearly subscription.



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