Thursday 04 November 2021


The Lycra Company launches Lycra Adaptiv

A new fibre that adjusts to the wearer’s needs and activity has been developed by The Lycra Company. Lycra® Adaptiv is a patent-pending polymer with a unique chemistry that adapts its fit and elasticity depending on whether the wearer is at rest or in motion.

When the wearer is at rest, the polymer adapts its compressive hold to deliver the right fit, shape and control. And when the wearer is in motion, the polymer adapts its elasticity to deliver improved comfort in motion and a second-skin effect, allowing the garment to stay in place better.

Garments made with fabrics containing Lycra Adaptiv fibre are also durable and easier to put on and take off.

‘Consumers are seeking garments that offer greater versatility, from work to leisure to social, and also from season to season and year to year,’ says Steve Stewart, chief brand and innovation officer at The Lycra Company. ‘They want garments that can adapt to their individual needs and lifestyles as well as ones that adapt to their body type, even when their body size or shape may change or fluctuate.’

Internal studies assessing the wear performance of garments containing Lycra Adaptiv fibre with garments containing generic spandex show that Lycra Adaptiv improves comfort-in-motion, shape retention, and freedom of movement. Size inclusivity is another key benefit as Lycra Adaptiv provides a wider fit window that covers a broader range of body shapes within a given size, which could enable a reduction in SKUs. 

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