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October schedule 2020

For the last part of 2020, we bring you an exciting range of webinars split over 3 months.

We have looked at the trends in the market place, customer feedback and requests from our clients and put together this new collection.

Each webinar has multiple dates, giving you the flexibility to plan these around your schedule.

Below is our webinars for October.


Textile lifecycle assessments

A new webinar looking at the lifecycle of textiles

This webinar will cover:

Lifecycle assessments including the quantitative method for evaluating the environmental impact of a product and controlling the environmental footprint of products and services.

We will look at case studies and research .

Finally look at end of life.

This is a very interesting webinar with some great examples of the lifecycle of textiles and fabrics.

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Understanding colour

Colour is used in all fashion garments and footwear items, different shades for different seasons and different colours for different trends. Getting the colour right for a product could mean the difference in the number of units sold and more importantly the number of units unsold!

But what is colour and how do we see it?

This new webinar looks at exactly that, what is colour and how do we see it.

We take a deeper look at understanding how we see colour, how to assess colour visually.
The terminology used for colour, colour measurement and why we use it.

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Performance textile testing for Activewear

Over the past few years activewear has become so popular that it has now created its own category in the clothing and fashion industry.

Being labelled as activewear suggests the garment has performance attributes, however just suggesting this isn't enough, consumers now expect these to be proven and for this range of clothing to live up to the active lifestyle they lead. 

During this webinar we look at:

The history of activewear.
The future of activewear.
The different types of performance materials.
Measuring these performance materials.
Comfort and fits.
New innovations in activewear.

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Audit fatigue reduction

With factories and other sites having so many similar social audits in a year, there are high internal and external costs that can maybe be reduced. 

This webinar summarises the challenge and offers some solutions to help focus/reduce cost and time to increase performance.
This webinar covers:
The challenge of so many social audit programs.
A definition of audit fatigue.
Why is Bureau Veritas interested in reducing audit fatigue?
How can we help you reduce your audit fatigue?


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Virtual Conference - Unleashing the Potential of 5G

Getting ready with a 5G integration business strategy is critical to many electronics manufacturers, retailers and technology integrators. With this 120-minute virtual-conference, you can gain an in-depth and business-focused understanding about 5G as a technology, its applications, and how to ride the wave of opportunities 5G presents.

Register now and hear unique insights from some of the industry's leading specialists from all over the world.

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Global Market Access with OneSource Approvals

Global Market Access - International Approvals Management is where Bureau Veritas manages the testing and compliance activity for our clients selling  their electronics and Automotive products to countries worldwide. We provide dedicated testing (in-house and other third party labs) and project management support to help clients get the necessary mandatory / regulatory country certificates for 150+ countries / regions worldwide. Where applicable, we manage the local testing as well as regulatory agency negotiation. 

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Sustainability for E&E, Automotive & Wireless Products

In today’s marketplace, new legislation, voluntary standards and customer expectations are making companies increasingly accountable for the impact of their products on the environment and society.
In this webinar, our experts will focus on the discussion for Electrical & Electronics, Automotive and Wireless Products, on how companies can demonstrate their sustainability activities with business added-value to improve performance and progress on the journey of continuous improvement. 

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Introduction to Reparability for Household Products

Bureau Veritas brings you this webinar with regards to the regulation Circular economy of French Law (February 2020)

Laying down ecodesign requirements for refrigeranting appliances, household dishwashers, household washing machines and washer-dryers, and requirements for refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function

Pursuant to ERP (EU) 2019/2019,
(EU) 2019/2022, (EU) 2019/2023, (EU) 2019/2024

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New Mobility - Electric Scooters & Drones - Regulations Overview

In a fast-evolving urban transport environment, e-mobility is changing how people move. Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV) , like Electric scooters, e-bike have become hugely popular. These alternatives open the door to explore how the integration of e-mobility into our daily can improve the quality of our environment and our daily life. 

These technologies bring new and urgent challenges, especially safety concerns for policymakers and vast companies. Therefore in this webinar, we will explore on below:

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