Friday 23 October 2015

ASBCI Head to Toe Conference

Speaker Announcement - Jonathan Church

Jonathan graduated from Queens’ University, Ontario, Canada with a degree in Economics in 1985, going on to work in Investment banking in London with firstly Citibank (USA) followed by Sumitomo of Japan.

In 1989 Jonathan moved to the shoe manufacturer and retailer Church and Co Plc, into marketing and Sales role, working in many areas from the retail floor to trade shows.  Having moved into Finance after a few years becoming Finance Director in 1998. The Church Group was sold to Prada in 1999.

In 2009 Jonathan was part of a Management Buy Out of Joseph Cheaney & Sons, a UK footwear producer. The Company had been part of the Church Group since the 1960s. It is now a wholly independent Company and has been operating out of the same Factory in Northamptonshire for over 120 years.

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