ASBCI Student Membership

The UK's Most Active Forum for Fashion Students

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The ASBCI student membership programme is the most successful in the United Kingdom and goes from strength to strength in terms of importance each year. Now with 15 of the UK's leading fashion colleges and universities as full members, student membership is expected to reach up to 600 students this year.

Download the Student Membership Brochure here

Aims of the Student Membership Programme

The aim and ambition of the student membership programme remains the same - to provide students easy and direct access to a greater practical and commercial understanding of the fashion industry. The most important function is to enable student members to engage directly with the fashion industry and create exceptional opportunities for them to meet and learn from experts in the field.

Student membership numbers currently reach over 500, which is a great testament to the significance of being part of the Association. Our student members are tomorrow's designers, technologists, buyers and directors, and so the ASBCI offers as much guidance and support as possible to open doors, and help facilitate gaining invaluable contacts and industry insight.  Once in the supply chain our members will help create greater awareness of the range of ASBCI services and network of contacts for fashion professionals in the future.

ASBCI also have Post Graduate membership options, enabling you to network and search for that perfect first fashion role, after you've graduated.  One year (£50) and Three year (£100) are available.  To join click here

Conferences, Seminars and Competitions

Membership enables students to join from the start of a fashion degree course to leaving university to meet the challenges of the work place. This contact and communication is more important now than ever due to today's very challenging fashion environment.

Throughout the year members are invited to a variety of conferences, seminars and technical visits in which attendees can gain better understanding of the inner workings of the industry, and receive practical advice on career path options. The programme of events held has helped many in completing final year projects and dissertations, and allows students to network and discuss in-depth questions with high-calibre speakers and potential employers.  Student members qualify for fantastic discounts to these events.

The Student Design Award, Dissertation Competition and the newly launched Innovation Award are held each year, and sponsored by well-known companies, for member colleges and universities to showcase the fantastic work of its students.

Student Representation

Student representatives have recently joined the ASBCI Student Committee and have provided invaluable advice and suggestions. This input has helped the committee to remain relevant and active in meeting the needs of today's undergraduates.