Friday 17 January 2020

The Seminar for Laundry people at the Worshipful Company of Launderers Hall in London,  9 Montague Close, London SE1 9DD (foot of London Bridge close to London Bridge station), is taking place on Tuesday 10th of March 2020  10.00am starting with lunch and conclusion at 1.00pm, four papers/speakers with a mid term break.

  Tea/coffee on arrival and mid term, and lunch time after the event a hot buffet lunch (if funds allow).

The speakers Colin Oakley, Laundry Efficiency Group, (Cool Temperature Laundry Processing), Steve Hill,  Wearwell UK Ltd, (Hi Tech Workwear in Laundry Processing/Hire), Phil Hodgson Tonrose Ltd-, (High Quality Linen Hire and Laundry Processing), and  Ron Davidson FGCL, Guild President,  Management Consultant to Cottage Linen Hire, (Minimising the Risk of Laundry Fires)

Each paper with a forty minute time slot which will include questions from the floor, and a mid morning break for Coffee/tea and networking.

The target audience are laundry management/supervision  responsible for daily purchasing and processing and perhaps do not normally attend  Laundry Livery, or industry functions.  An occasion to network with other like minded industry personnel, also to see the facilities that the Laundry Livery and Launderers’ Hall have to offer, whilst at the same time  learning about new ideas and methods.

 Price of attendance includes a hot buffet lunch, tea and coffee £50

Trade supplier support is also welcome on the day in the form of sponsorship in exchange for the facility to network and make available trade marketing information/promotions.

 For booking contact Launderers Hall Clerk email address [email protected]  Booking form attached.


Incorporated by Royal Charter 2010
Launderers Hall, 9 Montague Close, London SE1 9DD
Telephone 020 7378 1430
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January 2020

Technical Seminar
Tuesday, 10th March 2020

Senior Warden, Kenneth Cupitt has organised a technical seminar with a hot buffet luncheon for Tuesday, 10th March 2020 in the Arches of Glaziers’ Hall.

Especially targeted speakers from the laundry industry sharing insights on their particular area of expertise, will take the floor for approximately forty minutes plus time for questions and answers and networking with colleagues within the industry.

Topics covered will bring to light new ideas and methods of the industry as well as address concerns of management level responsible for day-to-day purchasing and processing. Especially welcome will be persons who may not normally attend industry or Livery functions.

The seminar will take place at the above address and is open to all companies in the laundry and cleaning industry, irrespective of whether they are members of the Livery or not.

Trade support on the day in the form of sponsorship would be welcomed in exchange for the facility to network and make available trade marketing information/promotions.
Cost: £50 including VAT

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