Thursday 04 November 2021


Hyosung introduces sustainable denim solutions

Hysosung is introducing sustainable denim solutions that it will showcase to industry at its Denim Days events in New York, Los Angeles and London in November. The recyclable, recycled, and bio-based denim solutions have been developed in response to consumer demand for more environmentally friendly denim products.

The solutions include creora® 3D Max spandex, which has been designed with circularity in mind. It was developed to help brands meet the requirements of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign guidelines for recyclable denim, which permit only 2% stretch or synthetic content.

Traditional methods of providing the degree of stretch and recovery required by the denim industry involve mixing polyester with spandex, however this can lead to synthetic content of up to 16%, well about the Jeans Redesign threshold. Hyosung’s creora 3D Max swaps the typical polyester core for spandex, creating a fully stretch material that retains the recovery properties of the polyester-spandex combination.

Creora® regen spandex provides an option for jeans made from 100% recycled materials. This is made of 100% reclaimed waste and has a 67% smaller carbon footprint than conventional spandex.

Meanwhile, for jeans made from renewable resources, there is creora® bio-based spandex. This uses materials derived from dent corn, which consumes carbon dioxide as it grows, thus reducing greenhouse gases. 

Finally, Hysoung will showcase its GRS-certified 100% recycled multi-function fibres, including Mipan® regen nylon and regen polyester yarns with properties such as cooling and drying, light-weight, cotton-touch and comfort stretch.

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