Monday 13 March 2017

Water use in the textile supply chain

Water scarcity is a growing issue highlighted by the World Economic Forum as one of the major global risks to society with water requirements for drinking and hygiene, agriculture and industry coming into increasing conflict.  The textile industry is a significant user of water and this presentation will introduce some of the steps Berghaus have taken to start to tackle the issue in their own supply chain.

Elaine leads the Berghaus sustainability program Made Kind.  With a background in chemical engineering and a master’s degree in CR she worked in Europe, Asia and Latin America in the FMCG industry before joining Berghaus two years ago. The Made Kind program targets issues across the whole life cycle of a product from its design and development through production and consumer use and disposal,  it includes work on ethical trade, chemical management and supply chain environmental impact as well as the development of the Made Kind collection of products which integrate lower impact elements into the product design; a collection which has now grown to over 40% of the apparel range.

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The event takes places on Wednesday 5th April at the Marriott Hotel in Peterborough.

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