Monday 14 October 2019

Vetigraph are announcing the opening of a training centre in Leicester to help bridge the skills gap in the fashion industry. This will be of particular interest to local fashion suppliers and manufacturers who are struggling to recruit in house designers, pattern cutters, sealer graders as well as garment technologists and other technical employees.

They are seeing an increase in fashion production reshoring to the UK and this has put additional demands on the supply of UK based employees particularly within the design department. In addition, many companies are wanting to gain control over the design and technical process, in an effort to increase the quality of their product.

“Many of the experienced garment technologists and sealers graders who were trained in the hay days of British manufacturing will be retiring in the near future with no plans for replacements for lost skills. The industry is not very good at looking at the bigger picture. With Brexit looming, it may become even more difficult to find technical skills.” explains Hervé Andrieu, CEO of Vetigraph Fashion Digital Solutions.
The aim of the training centre is to help recent graduates as well as people who have been on the technical side of the industry for some time to embrace new technologies and particularly digital pattern cutting and 3D sampling and to make them industry ready.

The first courses started on July 1st 2019 with an emphasis on beginners and intermediate levels at digital pattern cutting. Vetigraph have plans to expand the training centre to cover all aspects of fashion design and production.
Details of the centre can be found on https://fashiondigitalsolutions.co.uk
About Vetigraph Fashion Digital Solutions:
With 25 years’ experience in developing computer-aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and PLM solutions for the fashion, apparel, home furnishing and other related industries, VETIGRAPH UK offers a range of software and hardware products and services to encompass all the sectors involved in cutting soft materials.
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