Wednesday 08 July 2020

Eurofins launches the Tested Quality seal for Community Masks

Hygienic masks, also called Community masks, are the ones used by the general public. These are intended to eventually protect others from the wearer, thereby contributing to mitigate the spread of the virus.

In the middle of the coronavirus crisis, many governments have made the use of masks recommendable, or even mandatory in public places, where safety distances can’t be guaranteed.

In parallel, international, regional and local authorities are trying to funnel efforts into eventual standardization of a minimum quality benchmark, such as the recommendations by the World Health Organization, the EU CEN guideline document CWA 17533 or the local initiatives in Spain, France and Mexico (UNE 0065, UNE 0064- 1, UNE 0064-2, AFNOR-SPEC-S76, breathability, particle filtration, etc.).

It goes without saying that Eurofins can test against all above standards and guidelines.

In an effort to provide our clients with an evident proof of compliance for hygienic masks, our experts have developed the Tested Quality seal for Community masks, that shall be granted to those masks meeting the thoroughly designed testing protocols.

Confidence gained by providing transparency

The tested quality mark for Community masks consists of 3 parts:

  • A seal that can be placed on the product (optional).
    The seal, that bears the concerned test report number and the URL where the end user can check for the tested protocols.
  • The label or tag, presented along and underneath the seal, to be displayed on the packaging, and including the shortlist of basic testing protocols to which the product has been tested.
  • The concerned test report, presented in two formats:
    • ­Extended test report, for the client’s Quality department
    • ­Basic report, to be displayed on the web-based depositary database, for the end user, to check, thereby providing full transparency to the consumers.

Tested Quality mark protocols

Eurofins has designed a testing plan to comply with the basic recommendations from the WHO and the EU CW, with addition of some of the requirements for medical masks and PPEs, including safety, ergonomics and performance protocols, as well as artwork check (labels and marking).

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