Monday 09 August 2021

Freudenberg launches range for workwear

A range of woven and nonwoven interlinings, tapes, and thermal insulation materials designed specifically for hard-working PPE and workwear has been developed by Freudenberg Performance Materials.

Designed to meet the needs of workers in a diverse range of demanding environments, the products have been made to withstand frequent high temperature washing and the strains of everyday wear to provide long-term optimal fit. Special features include increased stability, elasticity, abrasion resistance, and wind-resistance.

Flexible and resilient interlinings and Freudenberg comfortemp® thermal insulation materials for protective clothing help to protect wearers while ensuring comfort in all weather. Hem and edge stabilisation tapes ensure optimal fit and reflective tapes provide additional safety.

Flame-retardant thermal insulation materials are available to protect against heat and flame.

The range also offers sustainability benefits as many products include a high percentage of recycled polyester from post-consumer PET bottles.

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