Wednesday 15 December 2021


The ASBCI Sustainability Webinar Series

Caring For Clothes And The Planet - The Aftercare Solution

The next free webinar in our sustainability series will address the issue of garment aftercare - the challenges, the opportunities, and emerging technologies.



How fashion is made and what happens to it at the end of its life are critical issues to address when looking at the sustainability of clothing. However, making clothes last longer is just as vital, and this is not only down to design but also aftercare. This is the topic that will be addressed in the next Fashion The Change webinar, sponsored by GreenEarth Cleaning.

How garments are looked after impacts how long they last and what happens to them at disposal. If a garment is in poor condition, it is less likely to be donated to charity, passed on to a friend, or find its way into a retail ‘take back’ scheme - and fashion brands and retailers can influence consumer behaviour when it comes to aftercare.

Just under a third of the total carbon footprint of an item of clothing comes from its care by the consumer, which is why production and recycling should not be discussed in isolation. Effective and sustainable forms of aftercare can have an impact on not just carbon use but water and waste, not to mention the issue of microfibres and microplastics.

In the third Fashion The Change webinar, expert speakers from across industry will discuss the environmental impact of aftercare in general and different types specifically. It will look at the closed-loop nature of dry cleaning and work that has been done to minimise the release of microfibres into the ocean from laundry.

The webinar will also consider the role that aftercare can play in circular models for fashion, how it can contribute to keeping clothes in use for longer, and recommendations for designing and producing clothing for extra durability. You will also hear from fashion retailer Whistles about their sustainable aftercare journey.
The webinar will conclude with an audience Q&A session with the expert panel.

Speakers confirmed to date are:

Tim Maxwell – President – GreenEarth Cleaning

Roz Adams – Head of Sourcing – Whistles

Min Zhu Ph.D. – US & Canada, Technical Director – SGS

Andrej Krzan – Chief Research Officer – PlanetCare

Register now for your free place at the event on 19 January 2022 at 3pm.

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