Friday 10 December 2021

James Heal innovates in water resistance testing with launch of new HydroView, hydrostatic head tester.

Providing users with an easy-to-use alternative to other hydrostatic testers on the market, HydroView has several exciting features:

Testwise software

Our intuitive TestWise software, displayed on a 10” touchscreen, allows the user to choose from pre-loaded standards or create their own. Easy to use and requires minimal training.

Integrated camera system

An integrated camera captures an image when the user detects a drop, this supports live and post-test analysis and is further enhanced by the zoom and mark features.

Vertical clamp system

Vertical clamping ensures an effective seal without distortion, even on thicker specimens. Important for accurate and repeatable testing.

Large illuminated test bed

Accommodates both multi-layered fabrics and sheet substrates. Pressure to suit a variety of tests. Ability to test across pressures from 0-10,000 mbar, making it suitable for testing even the most high-performance waterproof system.

Effective water management

An integrated pump automates the filling and emptying of the instrument for testing, and enables fine adjustment of water levels. The machine includes a wastewater drawer, removing the need for any additional plumbing which saves time and cost when conducting tests.

"The launch of this instrument is particularly timely, given the growth and importance placed in the performance of products like PPE and outdoor wear." - Neil Pryke, Innovation Director, James Heal

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