Wednesday 15 December 2021

Sustainability at Freudenberg – not just a buzzword

Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel (FPMA) has taken concrete actions to improve its sustainability goals, focusing most of the product innovation on this topic, we are fully committed to make a massive impact on sustainability.

Apparel represents one of the largest consumer goods sectors in the world and one with a far too large carbon footprint. The call from all kinds of social groups for the fashion industry to reinvent itself is getting louder, it of course requires the infrastructure and the technologies to implement circularity.

The charge for producers to pay for and supply a more responsibly sourced clothing collection is on the agenda.

The more sustainably a supplier’s products are made, the more sustainable a customers’ product choice can be. FPM now makes more than 500 different apparel interlinings and thermal insulation a year using recycled fibers, diverting approximately 45 million PET bottles from landfill. In turn giving customers a wide choice of sustainable options. In addition, we devote serious resources to the development of interlinings that help prolong the lifespan of garments.

FPM also offer innovative ecological solutions for the end of life garment cycle. Being a pioneer in this field, in 2020 FPM launched comfortemp® TencelTM padding, the world’s first 100% biodegradable padding. It is completely biodegradable within 57 days without polluting the soil. Zero waste – the aim is clear.

Another important topic when it comes to sustainability is the traceability and transparency of the entire manufacturing chain. All components must be produced in a resource-efficient manner and must be either degradable or reusable. Besides that, FPM supports the Global Recycling Standard and is fully GRS certified. This all underpins the strategy of sustainability, the long-term goal of reducing waste in the apparel industry and the commitment to the circular economy.

Freudenberg also provide products that enable customers to produce and offer products fulfilling the Cradle-to-Cradle standard.

This full program reaches far beyond pure product development. We are pleased to announce it can be found together in one place at the Freudenberg “House of Sustainability”. It effectively guides our customers in choosing the appropriate and best suited sustainable solution for their projects and applications.

Moving progressively towards greater sustainability is a journey – and there is no single strategy that will work for all companies. Ultimately, the sum of many improvements and initiatives along the entire value chain will make a company plus its products more sustainable, which will contribute to an eco-friendly textile industry overall.

Sustainability is moving from a “nice-to-have” towards a “must have” for all players in the textile industry. Given the breadth of this field, there will be multiple efforts by many companies and market pressures, which will contribute in revealing what is green washing and what will be a real contribution towards a better environment.

Learn more on the comprehensive approach of the Freudenberg House of Sustainability: https://apparel.freudenberg-pm.com/benefits/house-of-sustainability

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