Thursday 28 May 2020

On behalf of ASBCI members Freudenberg we are delighted to share their news and data sheets relating to face coverings.


The UK Government is now advising members of the public to wear face coverings when using public transport or when in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not possible. In anticipation of demand from the public for non-surgical face masks, Freudenberg is making its data sheets for non-woven materials suitable for use as outer, intermediary, and filter layers for community masks available to ASBCI members.

The materials include ILC 151  a fine pore non-woven, adaptable and air-permeable, combined in 2 or 3 layers it can be made into a non-medical mouth and nose mask.  In this combination it has been approved by the French, Spanish and Portuguese MOD for use as a community mask.

Other materials and relevant data sheets include materials for filters and inner components for non-medical masks and a water-repellent knitted fabric for use as an outer material for face coverings or as a next-to-skin layer.

Please see the links below to the data sheets: 

HDF H26220 Nonwoven For Non Medical Masks

AO103 Nonwoven For Non Medical Face Masks

AO105 Nonwoven For Non edical Face Masks

ILC 151 Nonwoven For Non Medical Face Masks

HYDROMUS Knitted Fabric with Water Repellent Finish

AO107 Nonwoven For Non Medical Face Masks

Please note: these are not certified materials for medical-grade face masks, which the UK Government says should be reserved for use by health and care workers. These materials are intended for use in face coverings for the general public.


For further information please contact:

Nigel Towell, Managing Director UK Apparel - Freudenberg Performance Materials LP: [email protected] or

Andy Laycock, International Sales & Customer Relations (ISCR) Manager UK Apparel - Freudenberg Performance Materials LP: [email protected]


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