Wednesday 27 October 2021

On 27th and 28th October 2021, ASBCI member, James Heal will be running 2 sessions on the topic of :

Understanding Performance Wear Testing

The global athleisure market is projected to be worth USD 517.5 billion by 2025, and active wear made up 40% of all online clothing sales in 2020. It’s fair to say performance wear is popular and will continue to grow, driven by consumers who want garments that respond to their needs.

This growth has led to a demand for performance testing, with brands and laboratories around the world under pressure to prove the claims they are making on their swing tags. In this webinar, we are giving an overview of performance testing, looking at the rise in demand, the composition of performance wear, and the types of testing required.

Course Outline

• A quick introduction to performance textiles
• All About Athleisure
• Features & benefits of performance textiles
• Performance Testing - What is it, and why is it important?
• The Layering System and testing for each layer
• Where is Performance Testing headed?
• Key takeaways

When? Choose a session to suit the time zone you are in:

   Wednesday 27th Oct, 1pm - 2:00pm Eastern | 6-7:00pm BST

   Thursday 28th Oct, 8am - 9:00am BST


   Thurs, Oct 28 - 8AM BST

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