Wednesday 03 July 2019
Eastwood Hall, Nottingham 10am

ASBCI Garment Costing technical seminar, Eastwood Hall, 3rd July 2019

‘Garment Costing – how technology can support the complexities of costing in today’s apparel supply chain’

Buyers, merchandisers, designers and clothing technologists will appreciate an in-depth analysis of the complex cost factors that impact today’s global supply chains, from fibre to fashion.  The garment manufacturing mix of labour, materials, overheads costs and logistics is often challenging to appreciate, so industry experts have collaborated on the recently published ASBCI technical booklet on Garment Costing. 

The seminar will bring to life key and essential aspects of the booklet, so enabling people across all disciplines to have a greater practical understanding of the different inputs related to Costing.  We believe this will result in having a more influential role when involved in the sourcing, pricing, and margin negotiations of their product.

To book your place, please complete the booking form and return to asbcioffice@asbci.co.uk

Note: early booking is recommended as numbers will be limited.

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