Thursday 26 March 2020

ASBCI Annual General Meeting - cancelled

The increasing concerns about the spread of Covid-19 virus has reluctantly led to the decision to cancel the ASBCI Annual General Meeting at Barnsdale Lodge Hotel on 26th March.  This decision has not been easy, as it is appreciated many arrangements have been made.  That said, the health and safety of our members, speakers and all involved in hosting the meeting and event is our priority, so this is the sensible and responsible thing to do given all the current uncertainty and authority recommendations. 

However some matters cannot be deferred.  In order to fulfil minimum legal requirements, we intend to hold a short meeting with our Directors at our Halifax office (and via Skype for those Directors who cannot attend in person) on that day at 11.00am.  The purpose will be to sign off the accounts and minutes, plus statutory re-election matters. 

A summary will be circulated afterwards of any reports from directors and committee chairs.

Please accept my apologies, we trust this decision is in everyone’s best interests as the precautions are to help keep us all safe.


Dr Alistair Knox

Chairman, ASBCI



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