Thursday 25 February 2021


Thursday 25 February, 9am

Implementing AQL effectively for product quality management

Organised by: Eurofins

Product inspection is an effective way to assess the quality of your goods when you are unable to visit the factories and check the goods yourself. To assess product quality and the risks systematically, standard ISO 2859 (Military Standard 105E) using the Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) is widely accepted as the guideline for random sampling.

Are you leveraging AQL properly in your product quality policy and management? Join this one-hour webinar with Eurofins’ inspection expert Leah Owen, who will explain how to use AQL effectively, and take live questions.

The webinar will cover: the importance of product inspection and AQL; explain the AQL table and its applications; and provide case studies.

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Leah Owen

Inspections Customer Service Manager

Eurofins Consumer Products Assurance

Leah is currently the Customer Service Manager of Eurofins Consumer Products Assurance, overseeing the customer provision related to inspection services, onboarding, quality updates and claims, KPI analysis and service improvement training. She assists brands and retailers in formulating their inspection programs to their specifics needs and requirements. Prior to joining Eurofins, Leah was a Product Developer based in a factory environment, in the Far East, managing the sourcing and quality of customer samples.

Should you have any queries relating to the event or to retrieve the recording if you cannot make the event please contact BeaCouzens.


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