Wednesday 25 May 2022
25th & 26th May 2022 Webinar



ASBCI member, James Heal, have a new webinar about the Fundamentals Colour Fastness to Perspiration, Sea Water and Water, and we thought you might be interested?

Good colour fastness in garments is a standard we automatically expect from our clothing, but certain conditions can affect how well they retain their colour. When exposed to various natural aqueous materials such as perspiration, sea water and water, fibres and yarns can become agitated, and colour fastness can be compromised.

It is crucial that manufacturers take the correct precautions to ensure that the textiles they produce remain colour fast, able to withstand exposure to a great many different liquids and substances. Testing using relative standard methods is essential to assess the efficacy of the product, to then confirm that the end products meet acceptable international standards.

This webinar covers the effects that perspiration, sea water and water have on textiles, and how to test their colour fastness, including:

  • Defining colour fastness
  • Perspiration, sea water and water – why these three?
  • Standards, equipment and consumables for the test
  • Standards include, ISO 105 E01 (AATCC 15), ISO 105 E02 (AATCC 106) ISO 105 E01 (AATCC 107)
  • Conducting the test and assessing the results
  • The risks with not testing for colour fastnes


This is a fundamentals webinar, ideal for those wanting to learn more about standard colour fastness testing.


Wednesday 25th May, 2022


Thursday 26th May, 2022


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