Wednesday 24 February 2021

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24 February 2020 at 11am - Challenges of Remote Working and Managing Sickness Absence & Annual Salary Guide – with HAYS Recruitment

In a joint event with Hays Recruitment we will be setting out how best to manage sickness absence arising as a result of Covid-19. This will include answering questions such as;

  • Can I use furlough for an employee of sick?
  • What do I pay an employee who is off sick with Covid-19?
  • How can we manage long Covid in terms of sickness absence?
  • How to manage sickness absence of those employees working remotely?

We will also discuss generally how to a support your employees’ mental health and wellbeing.

Hays recruitment will then present their annual salary guide. In a time of great change, it’s vital you know what skills will be in most demand, where the talent shortages lie and what salaries you should be offering in 2021.

Discover all this and more during the virtual launch of the Hays Salary & Recruiting Trends 2021 guide.

To book your place on this webinar please email employment [email protected]>. You will then receive the link to the webinar once you have signed up.

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