Monday 06 July 2020

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services

June 2020

Webinar Schedule
Each year Bureau Veritas CPS brings you a range of topical training subjects around our industry knowledge and the technical requirements/regulations which apply to selling products worldwide. For 2020, we are focusing on online training sessions with our global panel of technical specialists sharing guidance and insights from Bureau Veritas’ experience.

Online Event Series

Our webinars are suitable for all functions within your organisation, from legal/risk to technical/technologist through to compliance/quality, designers and buyers, whether you are a retailer, brand, importer/export or manufacturer of consumer or technology products.
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Toy and Juvenile regulatory updates for US & EU regulations

This one-hour webinar will cover:

Regulatory changes for juvenile products from the last quarter of 2019 and into the first quarter of 2020

Common failures associated with strollers, gates, cribs and high chairs

10am 6th July 2020

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Softline Labeling 101:  US, Canada & EU Labeling for Apparel & Textiles

This webinar will provide an overview of fiber content, care, dealer identification and country of origin labeling requirements

Recommendations on how to best label and how to avoid producing a care label that is longer than the garment!

10am 13th July 2020
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Understanding Cookware Failures

This webinar will cover the known failures for cookware testing. Including top failed tests and Methods / Failures

We take a closer look at the test methods and the most common failures across a variety of tests for cookware products.


10am 20th July 2020
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Vegan product testing NEW

New for 2020 is our offering of Vegan testing, this new webinar gives you all the information you need.
What is Vegan testing and why it is important
Most popular products and tests
The different tests we offer
Precautions around contamination
Labelling, certificates & claims

10am 27th July 2020
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KSA Product Testing Requirements

This webinar helps you understand the requirements and regulations for selling products into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Market.

We also take a closer look at the processes involved which are very different from other markets.


10am 03rd August 2020
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Metal Detection

This Webinar focus's on the detection of metal objects in finished products. 

We look at examples of failures
The Challenges retailers and brands face
The impacts associated with the failures
The systems & the processes required to ensure this doesn't happen in the future.

10am 10th August 2020
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Webinar library

Have you seen our webinar library? We have created a library of all our past webinar content for you to view again, download the presentations and ask the speakers questions.

Once registered you will have access to all or our past webinar content which is constantly being updated as we run new webinars.

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New webinars coming soon

China GB for Luxury Products

Testing of Furniture and Beds

Testing of Juvenille and Toy Products

Thinking Outside of the Box

Inspections Introduction


Bicycle testing

Textile Lifecycle

Outdoor Furniture and Play Equipment

Understanding Colour

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