Wednesday 08 August 2018

On 8th August GreenEarth will be hosting a Sustainable Garment Aftercare webinar.  Lasting for about 45 minutes (depending on questions) and will give you an introduction to the company and the GreenEarth difference, when it comes to caring for garments and textiles.

GreenEarth not only benefits clothing, the environment and working conditions but also has a significant, positive impact on organisations’ Sustainability Strategy, in an extremely straightforward way!

What you will discover during the webinar:
–  What is GreenEarth?
–  Why GreenEarth was developed
–  Their goal
–  The main benefits associated with GreenEarth cleaning
–  Some examples of testing results
–  What you can do… and how they can help
–  Brands they work with
If you'd like book a place, you can do so via the GreenEarth Website - www.greenearthcleaning.com

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