Wednesday 03 March 2021
Webinar time tbc

Following the success of the ASBCI's first FREE WEBINAR in the Beyond 2020: Survival of The Smartest series which took place on 2nd December, we are thrilled to announce that the second event in the series will take place on 3rd March 2021. Further information and regsitration details coming soon!

Smart Consumers Beyond 2020: The post-pandemic digital opportunity

Join experts in consumer behaviour and digital psychology, logistics, and retail for an in-depth look into how the pandemic has changed consumer behaviour and how retailers must adapt to stay ahead.

Organised in partnership with ASBCI member, Eurofins

Covid-19 has not only changed how people buy but what they buy and when and where they buy it. National and regional lockdowns have closed high streets and changed people’s attitudes to shopping, perhaps forever. And the inevitable shift online, already well underway before the pandemic, has accelerated, and with it the transformation of consumer expectations of stock availability and delivery times.

How can retailers and the wider supply chain adapt to rapidly changing trends and a disrupted business environment while satisfying increasingly demanding and more socially conscious consumers?

Join the ASBCI and a panel of experts, including digital psychology expert Andrew Nicholson from Kulea and logistics experts from Advanced Supply Chain, in an online panel debate on the impact of the pandemic on consumer buying decisions and how retailers have responded to these changes to ensure they have the right products in stock at the right time to meet demand.


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