Thursday 17 December 2020

ASBCI member TUV Rheinland will be holding a webinar on 17th December 2020 on the topic of :

PFAS in textiles >Avoid, Reduce, Eliminate 




Date : Dec 17 titled “Some PFAS for you ? NO THANKS” (link)

Duration : 60-75 mins

Audience : Retailers, Brands, Factories related with water repellent clothes, non-stick pots/pans, etc

Speakers : chemsec, Helmholtz University of Coastal research (findings from global river networks), TUV Rheinland


a) PFAS Don’t feed the fish ! > Findings from Helmholtz Institute’s research (PFAS detected in waterways in Europe + Asia)

b) On our body, in our food > PFAS in Consumer Products > we’ll share summary from test results for consumer products and wastewater analysis

c) No to PFAS campaign > objectives, status-quo, next steps. > chemsec

d) Recent Developments + Q&A

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