Wednesday 14 November 2018
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nottingham. NG1 5RH - From 9.30am

The main subject area for this conference is:

“ATHLEISURE – The New Smart Casual?”

The consumer appetite for Athleisure shows no signs of abating. The growth in the health and wellbeing industry, fuelled by social media, sports personalities, celebrity influence, and increased government investment in fitness infrastructures, continues to feed the trend for sports-inspired fashion. 

The ASBCI will be hosting their Autumn conference on the subject of Athleisure at the Crowne Plaza in Nottingham on 14th November.  The ASBCI has assembled the industry’s most experienced and forward-thinking analysts, practitioners, and innovators in the athleisure sector to address the current opportunities and potential of this fashion phenomenon.


Click on the names of the speakers to see their profiles:

Bureau Veritas - Helen ColebournWhat makes a garment Athleisure?  How can this be proven?

Boss Menswear - Terence Senford“The Journey to Athleisure – the transcendence from Streetwear to Sportstyle”

Drapers - Graeme Moran, Head of Content Fashion & Features Content

Lycra - Claire O’Neill“Athleisure- Fibre Technology to Fashion Trend”

Freudenberg - Jutta Vo Quang, Strategic Marketing Global Apparel

Transition towards performance in fashion:

  • Athleisure – Outleisure as fashion trends
  • Sports inspired clothing vs Active Wear
  • Key performance features to watch in fashion

Marks and Spencer - Angela Cody, Designer T52 Active

 Designing for an Athleisure lifestyle

  • The Athleisure customer mindset and the trends & lifestyles that inspire her.
  • Designing for an athleisure lifestyle
  • The influence of performance technology, fabric, finish & innovation


Lectra - Jovita Balseviciene, Solution Consultant

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