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In Association August 2022

In August’s Publication: Fashion Reset / R&D tax relief / Cost of Living / 5iR (Fifth industrial revolution) / Fashion Fit Technologies / Sustainable Chemistry / PFAS / Digital Fashion

As booking opens for the ASBCI Fashion Reset Summit in October, which will focus on a collaborative approach to the future of the fashion industry, it is fitting that this issue is so future-focused. From new approaches to retail to the advent of 5iR – the fifth industrial revolution – to new research into digital fashion and the metaverse, ASBCI members this month share their thoughts, strategies, knowledge and insights into what the future might look like, and how to navigate its many challenges and opportunities.

  • Fashion Reset
  • R&D Tax Relief
  • Cost of living
  • 5iR / Fifth industrial revolution
  • Fashion fit technologies
  • Sustainable chemistry
  • PFAS
  • Digital fashion