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ASBCI in conjunction with GreenEarth Cleaning has launched an international edition of 'Caring For Clothes'.

Previous UK editions have been produced over the years by the ASBCI, working closely with Retailers, Testing Houses and Cleaning Professionals.  This international edition provides an update on changes on Caring For Clothes, technology and has a broader worldwide perspective, particularly on how different countries may have a different approach.

This is a definitive guide including areas such as Care labelling, Dry Cleaning, Garment Assessments and much more.  The production of this publication is so important as it gives instruction on effective care to retailers and professional cleaners alike, to ensure that the garment is treated with utmost care, which is a great result for all, especially the consumer. 

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GreenEarth Caring For Clothes - International Edition (2017) Send Enquiry

Contents include:

Care Labeling Overview

Review of European Care Labeling System

Review of US Care Labeling System

Review of Other Care Labeling Systems

Washing & Laundering

Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning

Effect of Fiber content, fabric construction and finish on aftercare properties


Garment/Article Assessment

Product Liability

Common Pitfalls and misuses in Care Labeling

Sustainability Considerations

General Production Guidelines

Useful tips on aftercare