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Style3D opens Styleverse innovation centre in collaboration with Fashion-Enter

The Styleverse by Style3D Innovation Centre in Haringey, London, has officially opened in partnership with Fashion-Enter.

The result of a strategic partnership between Style3D and Fashion-Enter announced in June, the Styleverse Centre will feature immersive 3D-empowered customer experiences, showcasing how virtual environments can enhance not just design and development but also buying, merchandising, sales and marketing. The centre will offer a 3D walkthrough, enabling a comprehensive view from fabric sourcing to 3D designs, collection review, and virtual store.

The centre will also demonstrate how digital asset optimisation can streamline workflows, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

‘We are excited to launch the Styleverse Innovation Center, showcasing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital fashion,’ said Style3D CEO Eric Liu. ‘As innovators in 3D technology, we will continue working with Fashion-Enter to demonstrate how digital tools can enable more sustainable, efficient and creative production.’

‘We are delighted to welcome Style 3D to our Innovation Centre in Haringey,’ said Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway. ‘This system is a game changer for the fashion industry. Style 3D creates a seamless flow from idea generation to final garment delivery, which is easy to use for designers, garment technicians and buyers. It’s integrated, and the quality of the digital assets is amazing.’


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