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James Heal marks Titan 25th anniversary with new launch

James Heal has launched two new instruments in its tensile and compression testing range, marking 25 years since its first Titan universal testing machine was developed in 1999.

The new Titan 25 is the highest capacity universal testing machine in the range, capable of tests up to 25kN. The 10kN Titan 10 has been newly refined. Both offer efficiencies through automation, quick change connections for tooling with compatibility across the range, upgraded software, and enhanced safety features.

The dual-column instruments enable testing on larger specimens across a range of tensile and compression tests. Load cells from 100N to 25kN allow testing to as low as 2N. Both have over 750 pre-loaded standard procedures in the TestWise software, and users can customise and save their own standards. The software automatically sets parameters for selected tests, reducing set up time.

The Titan 5 tester has also been upgraded with TestWise software and standards, with adapters available to make tooling compatible across the range.

Peter Goodwin, James Heal technical specialist, said: ‘TestWise software is so easy to use that minimal training is needed, so lab technicians can start work straight away. Quick set up means improved productivity for the laboratory, enabling faster throughput of testing.’

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